Saturday, June 16, 2007

Make me wanna hurl

I get home the other day and find on my desk (no idea where I got it) a sticker from my Fiberal MPP. Ironically, it says "In case of emergency, save my pets".

H*ll, woman, we're trying to save our pets from you and your cohorts!

This is the same MPP who owns a "pit bull-type" dog and voted in favour of the "pit bull" ban. Can you say, DUH? Or owned...haven't seen the dog in a while, perhaps it wasn't politically expedient to have it. A while ago, this dog slipped out of its collar, ran out in the road and was either hit by or bounced off a car. I followed the dog home, and she politicked on her front step while I tried to convince her to take the dog to a vet to be checked. I finally gave up. You can't teach a Fib.

I'm doing some tinkering with the sticker, will post a scan if it works.

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