Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where's Michael Bryant?

Mr. Bryant and the other MPPs have left for summer vacation, THREE WEEEKS EARLY. That's real dedication to governance of this province. The Ontario Liberals behaved like spoiled school children, and left an anti-animal-cruelty bill and other laws to die on the order paper.

Meanwhile, unoffending puppies and their mother languish in a Sarnia pound, doomed to die because the Ontario Liberals passed a law to kill dogs of a certain shape.

What possible crime could seven-week-old puppies have committed, to cause them to be killed? What crime has the mother dog committed, to cause her to be killed?

Is it solely because of their shape? Because they're the "wrong" shape?

Is that what we've descended to as a society, gleefully killing animals solely because of their shape? Are we that spiritually bankrupt?

Does this incident tie in with Sarnia's sudden decision to do a door-to-door census of dogs? Will they be fingering dogs that might be, could be, perhaps are, and seize and kill them? Regardless of the fact the dogs may be loving and beloved family pets, that have done no wrong? Why has animal control suddenly been seized with a desire to enforce the Ontario Liberals' vague, shoddy, unfounded and unjust law, that's been on the books for almost two years? What has propelled this decision?

Has Sarnia animal control read the decision on the constitutional challenge of the province's breed specific legislation? Perhaps the city solicitor, if there is one, should be advising animal control to hold off on seizure of unoffending animals since, as I understand it (I'm not a lawyer), the catch-all category of "pit bull" was deemed unconstitutional. Is Sarnia animal control opening the city to lawsuits (expensive for taxpayers) for enforcing an unconstitutional law?

What about the dogs of the "right" shape that do commit offences, that do bite and attack? Are they killed, or returned to their owners?

I'm just sick at heart for the puppies and their mother, that have done nothing wrong but be born the "wrong" shape.


Jamie and Mac said...

I know there was a big fuss at the hearings when this was compared to the Holocaust,but this smacks more and more of Nazi Germany every day and frankly I no longer give a damn what anyone has to say about that comparison.I have walked Mac for 2 years with a baseball bat to protect him.Now I`m prepared to take it to the front door to protect him.If Bryant and McGuinty wanted us to resort to being vigilantes then that`s what they now have in Williamstown,Ontario.If anyone attempts to touch my dog with intent to seize or harm,I`ll swing first and ask questions later.If that`s a threat,then let them charge me with uttering because that is what will happen at this household.I personally have had enough and I think it may be time to fight back and I don`t mean legally.We`ve done the legal route,I`ll now protect my dog anyway and anyhow I see fit and I`m surprised that people are voluntarily turning their dogs over.WW3 will break out,if that is attempted here and perhaps they have left me alone because I have made that very clear to Bryant,McGuinty and my municipality.They have been told,not to mess with this dog!
If I sound angry,it`s because I`m damn angry.

Bryan Dale said...

Of course it reminds you of Nazi Germany. The only difference betwen Michael Bryant and the nazis who exterminated jews is opportunity. Michael Bryan is in a positiion to use his power to kill innocent puppies. In a different country at a different time, he would have used his power to kill jews, or other people.

He is an evil man who deserves to die the same way that the puppies he is killig are dying.