Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tax this, Toronto!

The spendthrift Toronto city council, having run through most of the reserve fund built by previous (and better!) city councils, now wants to tax disposable coffee cups. Of course, council hasn't thought this through.
Paper cups are recyclable and biodegradable. Why are they not taxing the plastic shell cups such as those used by 7-11 for Slurpees, and foam and plastic contains for takeout food? Better yet, tax SUVs and luxury cars, and their accessories - cowcatchers (who the heck in Toronto needs a cowcatcher???), fancy hubcaps, expensive stereo systems. Tax high-end homes, furniture, clothing and accessories. Take it out of the pockets of the wealthy, not the overburdened middle class.

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Anonymous said...

No new taxes. That's BS. As for the 'wealthy', they have money because they work and hang on to it by investing and being smart. They also spend more, hire more people, create companies which provide jobs, etc.

If Miller and his minions had any sense, they'd start looking at where they can save first.

Can the $1 million plus renos to Miller's office. Can all the cheesy ad campaigns. Rethink the idea of replacing every street sign in Toronto with tacky new blue and white ones. Stop funding festivals - let the festivals make or break it on their own. Bypass overpaid union workers by privatizing garbage pickup, arborial maintenance, street cleaning and other services which the private sector does better for less.

Stop raising taxes to pay for your spendthrift ways. Start looking at priorities and can the fluff for a couple of years. That would have impact on the finances and you might even end up in the black.

Pretend you're asking your parents for every penny you spend. That should help sort out what's needed and what is extravagance.

Adding more and more taxes is a big mistake - what happens is the mobile get mobile and the economic base gets poorer as only those who have no options stay in the city.

Toronto used to be a fabulous city. Now, not so much. There's lots of competition from other cities in Canada which have a better quality of life, more affordable housing and city councils that don't throw every penny to the four winds.