Sunday, May 6, 2007

Is PETA involved? A guest column.

From my friend Mkwa, his Ojibway name.

A number of events have occurred recently, reported in the main stream media and on lists I belong to. The most recent was reported in a New York Times article about how a fake protein enhancer made it into pet food. Next, a batch of milk replacer
formula was found to be contaminated. Preceding these was the massive recall of pet foods that, because of adulteration, led to the death of many animals and sickened many more. Veterinarians began calling for the regulation of the pet food industry, which is self regulated at this point.

PETA's main aim is the eradication of all domestic animals. PETA has deep pockets and the personnel.

Dedicated small breeders of traditional pets and hobby farmers do not have deep pockets.

If governments regulate the pet food industry, this will increase the cost to consumers because it's going to cost the manufacturers more which in turn would be passed on to the consumer.

Will this not force many of the aforementioned small breeders to abandon what is, for many, a lifelong passion for a breed of pet or farm animal?

Would that not fit PETA's agenda?


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