Tuesday, May 8, 2007

McGuinty tapdancing?

Yes, his feet are on a hot plate and he's gonna get burned....

If the Fibs have nothing to hide about these grants, why are they prevaricating and stonewalling, using their majority to stymie an investigation by the provincial auditor general?

Where there's smoke, there's a Fib with ears burning. I kinda feel sorry for Mike Colle...I wonder if the Fibs are working him over for abstaining from the voting carried by the other LibLemmings on the vague, shoddy, unjust and ill-fated Fib amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act.

Please, God, let them all be voted out of office in the fall. Don't make me see Mikey's face or hear Laurel Broten's giggling again. I love the fact that Broten voted for the "pit bull" ban when at the time she had a shar-pei, a "pit bull". Duh. Haven't seen the dog around in a while. It was a nice dog.

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