Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Light a candle for the dogs killed by Denver, CO

Light a candle for innocent lives, dogs killed for political ambition and gain. Who had done nothing wrong but be a particular shape.

Hundreds and hundreds of dogs, perhaps well over a thousand, were killed in Denver. How did Denver's animal control find these dogs? Many owners were responsible and had licensed them, unwittingly signing their death sentences. Their city attorney Korey Nelson, the architect of this bloody and unjust piece of legislation, keeps repeating the same rhetoric and nonsense in an attempt to defend his vicious law.

Imagine having to run and through town with your dog hidden under a blanket so it won't be seized...forced to give your dog to an out-of-town rescue or move out of town to save your dog's life.

Pray for Sonya Dias, Hilary Engel and Sheryl White, who are challenging Denver's vicious, unfounded and unjust law in court.

Pray for all the innocents, dead for no good reason.

Don't pray for the tiny-minded councillors of Denver and their city attorney Nelson, may they all rot in Hell for what they've done.

Hat tip to Caveat for the link to KC Dog Blog with a note from Sonya Dias.

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