Friday, November 27, 2009

Stomach-turning find at Toronto Humane

A mummified cat was found in a live trap in the ceiling at THS.

According to the National Post, this cat was named Casper.

This poor creature died of starvation or thirst, probably calling and calling with a weaker and weaker voice. Until he died alone in the dark.

If you go to slide 5 of the Globe and Mail photo essay on THS, you'll see a statement that "cat colonies have invaded the ceilings, radiators, basement and even the Society's offices."

Who is the person who put a live trap in a ceiling and never checked it???? Or recorded the presence of the trap so someone would check it???? If I understand the writing in the National Post article correctly, the THS communications person Ian McConachie said, "“It should have been checked on a regular basis, I don’t know who was in charge of that or if that was a trap that was just forgotten about up there”. Just FORGOTTEN??? At an institution that is supposedly about animal welfare???? Go ahead, McConachie, keep digging that hole deeper. I won't need a reminder not to hire McConachie for crisis communications management.

I hope the THS bank accounts have been frozen so the officials and directors can't access the public donations for their defense costs.

Note: The OSPCA euthanized four animals on November 26th. Tim Trow is quoted in the Toronto Star as saying, "...a similar number of animals were euthanized on a daily basis while he was in charge of the society."

The numbers don't add up. Four euths a day X 365 days = 1,460 animals dead in a year. Give THS the benefit of the doubt and make it three euths a day. Three euths a day X 365 days = 1,095. How does that reconcile with the claim on the THS website that it euth'd 500 animals, apparently dogs and cats only? Was THS euth'ing tremendous numbers of wildlife? Or are the numbers on the THS website wrong? There is a real disconnect here.

Is this why THS squandered donors' dollars on a frivolous lawsuit against the OSPCA? To try to get a ruling that THS could operate without any oversight of its practices?

Where is the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee? As I recall, under McGuinty & Co. the OPG was accused of failing to take proper care of monies entrusted to its custody. The OPG has been told for at least three years of the problems at THS, and has sat on its freaking hands. A lawyer for the OSPCA hopes a supervisor will be appointed from the OPG. Not in my lifetime, boyo.

THS should have tried spending some of the money squandered on lawsuits on its actual purpose - animal welfare.

Including saving agonized Casper in the ceiling. Who died by inches.


Anonymous said...

Social Mange. The THS stats are fraudulent - the ones in the database, the ones given to the public. We may never know the true stats. The fact is that the THS euthanizes many more animals then it claims, adopts out far less, and has countless dying in cages. The numbers, approximately, I have from a board member show that in 2008 there were 3000 dogs and cats admitted, 6000 adopted, 500 euthanized, no feral releases, none dying in cages.

Social Mange said...

Anonymous, if you're going to call something fraudulent you need proof. Like the true stats. Where's your proof?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Social Mange, I'll show you the numbers if you want. Want to meet, or how do you propose I do that? It was mentioned in the Globe Expose of the THS. On the other hand, why do you consider them true, because Trow told you so? Why did anyone ever consider those numbers true? (Because it helped the Union - so many animals and admittances and work to be done, we need more workers. Helped the THS - stats are what keeps Trow alive - low eutha. and high adoptions. Benefits others - who enjoy the prestige of it. It was hoped that eventually, because the THS did such an apparently great job, which they always compare to TAS, that they would get city funding back) They are unaudited, you can track newspaper articles and the THS website and publications and see different euthanasia, admittance and other numbers quoted. Take a look at some of the arguments on how they are clearly false on the savetheths blog site. Think about it for a moment - no kill and unlimited intakes; ask (if you can find one) an honest worker there and they'll tell you what bs those numbers are.

Social Mange said...

Hey, Anonymous, if you have true proof of those stats, PDF them and send them to the papers - Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, for starters. Geez, don't waste your time here! *LOL*

As for why people believed the stats published on the THS website - the average person doesn't think critically very often, but tends to read and accept if the source appears legitimate. Which is why so much wrongdoing continues so long.