Friday, July 18, 2008

Laurel Broten's Garage Mahal settled

Well, well. Laurel Broten, Fiberal MPP and former Environment Minister (aka the "Flick Off Girlie") amnd her husband have scrapped plans to build a Garage Mahal and have to pay half the dissenting neighbour's costs.

Why only half? That sux. Broten and her husband should have paid all of her neighbour's costs, especially since they withdrew their application at the last minute, after the neighbour incurred expenses, and didn't even show up to the Ontario Municipal Board hearing .


Caveat said...

Ha ha ha good news for a change!

Thank dog Shar Pei isn't the MOE anymore. Backbenching it suits her much better - keeps the sycophantic bloviations at a more tolerable level of frequency.

Fred said...

It's funny you're writing about neighbour issues as I sit here in my house listening to the drunken guy across the street singing some f'd up rendition of Led Zeppelin. Funny now, yes, but last night he smashed a wooden board over the head of his housemate. Broken window. Blood everywhere. Cops were called, blah, blah, blah.

Guess what? His neighbours just sold their house. Pity the new neighbours.

Fayclis said...

Broten should have paid ALL the costs incurred by her neighbours. Oh, speaking about neighbours, mine are all in tears as one of the three young men who got shot on Sunday morning was a very close personal friend of theirs. To bad that instead of saving young peoples lives, the Liberals have spent SO much time and MONEY on banning and killing dogs. If however they were to actually do something about keeping guns out of the hands of young hotheads, these 3 young men would be alive today. Instead of a attending neighbour BBQ's this weekend, we will be attending the 3 funerals of the young men who got shot while driving home from a night out at a downtown club. OH, and dispite what the media said there is only ONE "10th street gang" and WE are a group of mature responsible local homeowners who like to get together to play poker together on Friday evenings.