Thursday, July 17, 2008

Idiots for daze

Caveat is severely p'd off and with good reason...and so am I. Read it here.

This and past incidents have left me with absolutely no respect for the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. That organization strikes me as a group designed and operated solely to protect broadcasters (the stations who make the money), not the public. In other words, a sham.
The members of the CBSC should try "bad taste" in the form of being assaulted because of their property, being libelled, slandered, and legislated into second-class citizenship.

Coren's not worth my time, I don't read him or listen to him.

The CBSC should have a duty and an obligation to severely discipline a hate mongerer who spewed slander, and the station that carried the broadcast. Coren's rant was exactly that - ignorant hate mongering against an identifiable group.

Is the CBSC another bunch'a old white guys (women and people of colour who play this game become "old white guys" by default) protecting the status quo?

The middle initials of the Council's acronym seem quite appropriate.

The last few years have taught me some valuable lessons....

Politicians are all about optics.
Mainstream media is all about profit, and not in the least about truth.
Anyone even remotely associated with mainstream media is suspect.
You can trust your dog, and almost no one else.

Support Banned Aid.
It's starting to feel like the last gasp of truth.

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Fayclis said...

Is there a link to the radio show or where can I go to listen to it?