Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dis 'n dat March 9, 2008

Mongrel Communication
Thanks to my friend at Barking Mad, I was subjected to the Michael Bryant YouTube videos. I won't link to them on principle. Since I don't have computer speakers I have no idea what he's going on about, but I have some grave objections to these videos.

First, comments are moderated. This is a restriction on my Charter right to freedom of expression. The only comments apparently allowed are those that praise Bryant. If these are government policy videos, all comments should be allowed. If they're videos of Michael Bryant's personal beliefs and not government policy, the videos should be clearly marked as such.

Next, at least one video clearly shows the Tim Horton's sign. Did Tim Horton's pay for product placement in a government policy video? Is this actually a government policy video, or is this a promotional video of Bryant masquerading as a government policy video?

Who paid for production of these videos, Michael Bryant or Ontario taxpayers?

Which is it? What kind of mongrel communication is this?

Weekly Roundup
As always, good articles on Caveat and KC Dog Blog . Wag The Dog has information on what to do if animal control comes knocking.

Hey, cat owners! Did you know that cleaning litter boxes makes you a crazy person? Blue Dog State has the goods on H$U$'s new campaign against pet owners.

Article on "pit bull" saving its owner from an attack by a pack of stray dogs. Check out the video and the hero - OD, a chubby, waggy-tail, smiling mixed-breed dog. Hmm, why doesn't the headline say, "Hero 'pit bull' saves owner"? Mainstream media is fast enough to use "pit bull" when it suits their purposes, why not now?


Mac`s Gang said...

I had left a comment on one of those videos asking about product placement.
You`ll notice it hasn`t been posted.
I stand corrected.It`s up.
He actually does mention Tim Hortons in the commercial(Gov`t video?)
He says that TIMS is a good place to check the pulse.
6 Nations people don`t go to Tims anymore,hence he draws the conclusion that the community is divided.
That`s news to him?

Mac`s Gang said...

I just read and watched that story on OD the "Pit Bull" hero.
What a difference a dog makes.
If there had been a "Pit" in that pack what a different story we would have.
What a smart lady for not placing blame on the dogs for just trying to survive.
Intelligence and commonsense is so refreshing.