Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is the law out of control?

From the Windsor Star, Cops threaten Windsor landlord if he doesn't evict tenant. Read it here.

It's not enough that the Ontario Liberals seized property from people without any charges being property ownership is being threatened because some authority doesn't like what the tenant is doing?

[snip]A local landlord says police are putting him in a tenuous legal position by strong-arming him into evicting a massage parlour facing morality charges -- a move that's unprecedented in Windsor.
Police have informed Mohamed Chams they may seize his property at 618 Goyeau if he doesn't evict the massage parlour, which has not been convicted. It's the first time Windsor police have made such a move.[end snip]

WTF? This had better be the last time Windsor police make such a move. This is absolutely out of control. The Windsor police should immediately back down and publicly apologize.

This is just like animal control employees bludgeoning people into giving up their harmless dogs by threatening to charge them unless the owners give up the dogs.

I hope someone with money takes the province to court over the Civil Remedies Act, which to me is being used for legislated theft.

Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have a lot to answer for, including allowing...nay, promoting intimidation of people who have done no wrong.

Stay far, far away from Ontari-hell.


Caveat said...

I believe Civil Remedies is being challenged, I read about it awhile ago.

I hope so. If I want to live in a police state, I'll move to N. Korea.

Caveat said...

Info on the Civil Remedies, Supreme Court will hear it:

Tiny url: