Saturday, February 16, 2008

Perhaps Toronto Animal Services seized him as a "pit bull"?

UPDATE 2008 2 18: Huckleberry was recovered and is back home.
Unfortunately, Munchie is still under a death sentence.

Does no one in the mainstream media or the Ontario Legislature see the terrible irony in this?


Apparently a dog walker left a dog tied up in front of a bakery while she did business inside, and when she returned the dog was gone. The owner is offering a $15K reward for the dog's safe return.

I think the owner should comb the kennels at Toronto Animal Services; perhaps they're all patting themselves on the back for seizing another "pit bull". The dog in the photo looks a lot like Munchie to me, and the mighty minds at TAS decided he was a "pit bull"...whatever that is, because it isn't a breed.

All the OntFibs must be cheering, another "pit bull" off the streets. Of course, TAS hasn't seized Laurel Broten's "pit bull" yet, despite the fact it's walked without a muzzle and frequently offleash. Must be nice to have immunity. The Fibs seem to have dropped the "ticking time bomb" BS...perhaps they wisened up to the fact they had their own "ticking time bomb".

Hey, where's Michael Doi? The senior AG lawyer is attending a ton of municipal dog cases - bet he's thrilled and that's SO why he got his law degree. I guess his superiors thought it more important that he and others chase dogs' tails than take action about slow prosecution in the AG's department.

Why isn't the Star asking if Huckleberry is a "pit bull"? Economics and demographics, perhaps? Yonge and Roxborough is an upper-middle-class area; everyone just KNOWS there are no criminals or "pit bull" owners in THAT area.

The article doesn't state whether the dog was neutered; if he wasn't, his pups will probably be turning up in flea markets and pet stores across the land. Which, of course, TAS does NOT inspect or even monitor; hence the rabid pups incident recently. TAS is too busy chasing "pit bulls" to do something like attend to animal welfare. Brings to mind the city worker who used to take long, LONG naps in his truck in the 6th Street park, then moved to Lake Promenade for a while.

Sarcasm and segues aside, I feel very sorry for the owner and the dog. This is not the first time a dog has been stolen in that area. It reinforces that you must NEVER leave your dog unattended.


Mac`s Gang said...

[quote]Must be nice to have immunity.[/quote]

It was.
I guess I was "special" like Broten or they`re enforcing it willy nilly or NOT across the Province or they`re afraid of people that might just do something "crazy" or people that will fight them right up to the Supreme Court of Canada.
I think it was you or Caveat that did a recent posting on the fact that they are targeting only certain people.

They`re not going to like DDOC
That`ll keep them busy and the courts clogged even more than they already are.
I hope there aren`t TOO many more real criminals let off the hook because of Puppies.

Caveat said...

Not sure it's a good idea to offer a huge reward through the media and publish the amount - might give other morons ideas.

Mac`s Gang said...

[quote]might give other morons ideas.[/quote]

I think it might have given the original morons an idea.

Who accepts a $15,000 reward for returning a family pet?

I wouldn`t accept a dime.
I would just be glad that the dog was back home.