Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hey, they didn't ask me

The Toronto Sun says this fall's election will be a doozy, that the Grits and Tories are neck-and-neck. Canadian Press says that McGuinty expects a "tough" campaign. Well, none of these pollsters asked me.

Here's my letter to the Sun (which they'll never publish) on the election issue:

It's unfortunate that SES Research didn't poll me, or any of the responsible dog owners I know. The percentages would have been dramatically different if they had.

McGuinty and the Fiberals consistently break promises (which to me is lying), and flip-flop like dying fish. The Fiberals govern this province solely by crisis management, with no cohesive or thoughtful plan or action. They run trumpeting media campaigns for what, on examination, usually turn out to be minor actions that haven't been thoroughly thought out and have a negative impact on Ontario residents and businesses.

Thinking dog owners of all breeds understand that the Fiberals made them into second-class citizens and opened the door to eradicating dog ownership in this province. I do not think that the Fiberals understand the depth of the animosity their unfounded and unjust actions have created, animosity that will be carried to the voting booth in October.

I don't need to tell the Fibs to flick off. Their lights have been out for a long time.

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Mac and the gang in Williamstown said...

Not only are the FIBS not getting the vote of this Ontario "Pit" and owner,they are also not getting the votes of family and friends,some of which have been long standing Liberal supporters but they are going to throw their support behind Ontario "Pits".
Hey Mikey and Dopey D.,we think it`s time for a pawsitive change in Ontario!Muzzle and neuter the Fiberals in 07!