Monday, June 4, 2007

Dalton needs a new pair of running shoes... keep up with the ambulances he's chasing lately.

First, callously and opportunistically using Jordan Manners' tragic death for photo ops and sound bites, now the deaths of two people in a police chase (one an innocent in a taxi cab) for more photo ops and sound bites. McGuinty's behaviour reminds me of a dog chasing a car; so busy running after it, he won't know what to do if he catches it.

And he's promising no more tax hikes and that we can "trust him". Yea, yea, yea, that's what he said four years ago and we were immediately slapped with the health care tax after the Fibs went into power. Fiberal semantic footwork aside (remember, it wasn't a tax, it was a "premium"), if a government takes more money out of my pocket, it's a tax.

Trust is a privilege that's earned, and once lost cannot be recovered.

The Fibs have abused the trust of Ontario residents with their numerous broken promises and willingness to hide behind a court decision to avoid accountability, shameful waste of tax dollars (the sham committee "hearings" on the amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act spring to mind), a ban-ban-ban mentality that proves their lack of thought, research and common sense on issues, passing legislation that stomps on law-abiding people and makes them into second-class citizens, utter lack of transparency, and their ridiculous waste of Legislature time (ban fresh fish in sushi, anyone?).

Do I trust a Fib promise? Not one iota. And if anyone trusts an Ontario Fiberal promise, they should have their gray matter checked.

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