Thursday, June 7, 2007

Michael Bryant's puppy killing law strikes again

Nice, Michael. Seven week old puppies and their mother are to be killed just because of their shape. Because of a vague, shoddy, unfounded and unjust law. Are you proud of yourself?

Have these puppies bitten anyone or anything? No.

Can anyone know what breed they are? No, because they're apparently mutts. Mutt is not a breed.

They are doomed to die because of political manipulation, misinformation and ambition. The puppies and their mum are the wrong shape for the Ontario Liberals.

It's a canine form of xenophobia.

Where are the yelping animal "rights" people when puppies are being killed? Nowhere, that's where. Because these puppies are the wrong shape. Hypocrites.

And what about the dogs that are the "right" shape, that have bitten and attacked? Most of them are probably back with their owners.

The Ontario Liberals make me sick.


Mac and the rest of the gang said...

Ditto on "The Ontario Liberals make me sick".
Aren`t these people aware that most of Bill 132 has been struck down?
Why would they turn these dogs over?
What is AC doing?Why hasn`t a memo been sent out(by some official) re the court case?

Anonymous said...

On the eve of Woofstock when hundreds of happy dogs will be running around downtown Toronto, stuffing themselves with treats, these poor puppies are sitting in a Sarnia jail waiting to die. What a great province we live in.