Friday, May 28, 2010

To me, definitive proof that Faces of CHANGE is independent. And my heretical idea of the day.

You may have heard about the 38 additional animal cruelty charges against all of the current directors of the Toronto Humane Society...OBAAT has the text of the OSPCA press release here.

To all the conspiracy many tinfoil hats can there be in the world, anyway?

To me, this proves definitively that Faces of CHANGE is not allied with OSPCA. The timing of these charges is strategically very poor.

If, as the conspiracy theorists theorize, Faces of CHANGE and OSPCA were allied these charges would have been laid AFTER the THS board election on May 30th.

To have the charges laid before the election distracts from the election and gives the conspiracy theorists too much material to work with. Too much slaver on keyboards and spittle spewed on monitors. Someone could get electrocuted. Again. Bad strategy.

Strategically, having the charges laid after the election would give more leeway for messaging. It would be "you chose right" if Faces is the winning slate, and something else if Faces is not the winning slate.

Thank about it.

Then it's rabies shots on the house for the conspiracy flakes.
Although it might be too late for some of them.


Heretical idea of the day:

Do we really need the Toronto Humane Society?
The city has survived six months without it.
Would the animals of the city be better served if we pushed the city to make Toronto Animal Services no-kill for all species, using the Calgary model? And got city funding for Toronto Wildlife Centre, to help with the non-domesticated animals? Push the mayoral slate for their stand on animal services? Push the city councillors?

All it takes is knowledge.
And will.

Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I do like the Calgary model. They've launched an IHeartMyPet discount card for licensing your pet, and of course licensing increases the chance of returning lost pets, taking pressure off rehoming efforts. Another move in the right direction is the launch of no-cost s/n, available to low-income Calgarians.

Come June 1, THS has the potential to become a world class shelter with some considerable work, but only provided that the right people get in. That would be people who have vision and experience, not those focussed on the past, the OSPCA or themselves. In that case, your idea is not heretical at all, but quite justifiable.

As Liz White suggested on The Agenda, worth pursuing in any case.