Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cracks appearing in Fortress THS?

You can read the decision of Mr. Justice David M. Brown of the Ontario Superior Court about Toronto Humane Society on CanLII.

I have questions.

1. Brenda Hind is listed as a director. Last time the public record was checked, Dec 06/09, she wasn't shown on the public record for THS as a director. Is she, or isn't she?

2. Robert Hambley is named as the President. Is he also still also the Secretary and Treasurer of THS?

3. THS claims that its only source of revenue is donations. What about the Global pet store in the THS building? Doesn't that store pay rent and a portion of its sales to THS in exchange for the location? Or does THS own it? Or does Global donate to THS in exchange for the location? What's the deal there?

4. Apparently THS counsel wrote, "The Board has named alternative parties in accordance with its succession plans....". When did these succession plans get laid? At the AGM September 30, 2009 Tim Trow said there were no succession plans.

5. Why are the identities of the chosen successors being kept secret? The THS counsel's response implies that these chosen successors are current employees of THS. Why the secrecy?

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