Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will the lights go out at Toronto Humane?

The Globe & Mail has an article that the OSPCA has been ordered to stay in the shelter until Tuesday, when the application to have the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee take over THS can be heard. The article states "Affidavits submitted with the application allege that the THS has lost its accreditation as a veterinary facility and that its bills are so past due that Toronto Hydro has said it will cut power to shelter when the OSPCA leaves."

No power means no lights, no heat, no hot water, no medical equipment.

No veterinarians means no medical care.

At last report, THS spent almost half a million dollars on lawyers. Did it not occur to them to pay the electricity bill? Did the unnamed lawyer in the Globe & Mail article who said that THS is in good financial standing get paid first?

I hope and pray that the judge hearing the application rules that the entire board of directors AND all officers must be thrown out, and that the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee is to take over Toronto Humane Society.

It's past time for karma to bite some people on the ass.

Addendum: Someone was spreading a nasty rumour that the OSPCA was going to euthanize a large number of dogs and cats. Here's the OSPCA response to a friend's enquiry:

No we are not planning on euthanizing any large number of cats (or dogs for that matter). This is nothing but a rumour. We will continue to provide the animals care, fostering many cats and (just reported to me tonight) have found homes for 175 since adoptions re-opened.

Please feel free to contact me, should you have any further questions.

All the best,
Alison Cross
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Ontario SPCA, Provincial Office

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