Tuesday, January 12, 2010

eTalk on CTV features Toronto Animal Services South

...with host Tanya Kim receiving lots of sloppy kisses from Sparky, who I think is the same AmBull pictured on One Bark At A Time. Mention was made of how one can volunteer at TAS, and that a background check is required.

I hope CTV puts the clip with Sparky and the wee kittens (probably three weeks old) on their website. They'd get hits!

Good going, Sparky!


Nicola said...

Hi Social, It's Nicola from TAS. Just to clarify, Tanya Kim and I were only joking about a background check - they simply wanted to end the segment on a light-hearted/funny note. Prospective volunteers DO need to complete an application, and those selected also complete an orientation, but no background check.

Thanks for the mention!


Social Mange said...

EEK. I got taken in! Thanks for the correction, Nicola.

Nicola said...

No worries - though I hope you were one of only a few that was - as you say - "sucked in"! Just a follow up to you and anyone else interested: Sparky is indeed the very same ABD featured on One Bark. Due to his ongoing ortho issue (patellas/hips), Bullies In Need has generously taken him in, and will ensure he gets the long term care he requires in order to run goofily with his friends for many years to come. Also, the wee kittens and their Mom are also in foster, and will be returned in 6-8 weeks for adoption. Happy endings all around due to the fantastic efforts of our volunteers and rescue partners! Cheers, Nicola

Fred said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up on this. I didn't even know it was on air.