Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Might there really be a Santa Claws 'n Paws????

I really like the headline on this Toronto Star article....the Globe and Mail article is a bit more prosaic and is also stuck under Quebec, which puzzles me.

I wish the OSPCA the best of luck in trying to work cooperatively with the THS board. They're going to need it.

Ooh, Santa, I've been a reasonably good person, can I have what I want for Christmas, huhuhuh? Even if it comes a little late, like February 1st?

The board of directors of THS should avoid the embarassment of being booted out, behave honourably and call a members' meeting, submit their resignations and their undertakings to never again run for office in an animal welfare organization, and let the members elect a new, fresh board.

If the current board remains in office, I can see THS deteriorating to the point where the doors will have to be bolted shut. Forever.

The ball is in your court now, THS directors - Tim Trow, Bob Hambley, Stephen Dooley, Sandi Hudson, Pamela Inglis, Gino Innamorato, Alan Johnson, Valerie Jones, Carol Lupovich, Patricia McIlhone, Joan Milne, Laurie Overton, Delores Quasim, Alvin Tweten, Bud Walters and any others who aren't named on the THS Ontario public filing - to decide whether THS survives or dies and behave accordingly.

Let's see exactly what is more important to these people.

Update: I went back to the materials from the Toronto Humane Society AGM on September 30th, and Brenda Hind was a management candidate for the board. She's not named on a public information filing made in October '09. Was she or was she not elected to the board? Enquiring minds want to know.

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