Thursday, December 24, 2009

How much kitten food would a lawyer's hourly rate buy?

H/T to One Bark At A Time for this news.

The board of Toronto Humane is at it again, spending donors' dollars on legal fees like drunken sailors on leave. This bunch is so litigious, you'd think they were American.

Hmm, what is the hourly rate charged by a downtown Toronto litigation lawyer? $300, $400 or more an hour? How many hours does it take to write a statement of claim, file it, attend the discoveries, go to court before a judge, etc, etc? What does that come to, multiplied by a lawyer's hourly rate? Let's not forget the court filing fees, the court reporter's cost, the transcript costs...

To me, it comes to one hell of a lot of kitten chow. And veterinary care. And medications. And utility bills.

The THS isn't content to waste only its own donor dollars on legal fees. It's going to waste the OSPCA's money as well.

Enough is enough. End this roiling mass of insanity fueled by ego, while the animals continue to suffer.

Move all the animals out from under THS, and let THS fall into bankruptcy and oblivion. I hope employees can sue the directors personally for their wages. THS's day is done.

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