Monday, June 15, 2009

Your dog isn't a "pit bull"? "Get out of jail free" card for you!

A dog leaps its fence and attacks another dog, probably crushing its trachea (meaning that the attacking dog went for the throat). It will apparently cost the victim dog's owners $4,500 to save their dog.

Were the words "savage", "bloodthirsty" or any of the usual tripe used in the media report?
The attacking dog wasn't a "pit bull".

Was the attacking dog shot on sight?
Was its owner charged?
The attacking dog wasn't a "pit bull".

Were Toronto Police right to say it wasn't their problem?
Nope, IMHO.
As I understand it, the Toronto Police have authority under the Provincial Offences Act and by extension the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act to charge the owner of an attacking dog.

McSquinty's Fib Ontario created two classes of citizens.

If you own a dog that's a "pit bull" (despite the fact that no such thing exists), your dog may be killed and you may be charged. Even just on sight. Without doing anything wrong. Just because of the way your dog looks.

If your dog isn't a "pit bull", you can get away with your animal murdering another, apparently without repercussions.

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