Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm ashamed to live in Toronto. Let Ginger live.

Ginger the dog is the subject of an incredible waste of money by the City of Toronto.

Ginger was leashed and muzzled, in accordance with law, when she was attacked by another unleashed dog (not a "pit bull") that bit her and ripped off her muzzle. Someone got bitten because they stuck their hands into a dogfight - yo, stupid, that's a fast way to get bitten.

Is this what we can expect because of the City of Toronto's unlimited and unfettered taxing powers, granted by the McGuinty Liberals who passed the shameful breed-specific legislation? Wasted money that the powers-who-be think they can recover by sucking it out of taxpayers' pockets?

Where are the charges against the dog owner who let his/her dog run offleash and attack another dog? Oh, right, the attacking dog isn't a "pit bull", so it can bite at whim and the owner suffers no repercussions, just like Rocky in Alderwood.

Breed-specific legislation is unfounded, unjust and fiscally irresponsible. Ginger's case definitively proves the last point.

How much money has it cost Toronto taxpayers to keep Ginger warehoused and away from her owner? How much money has it cost Toronto taxpayers to send City lawyers to trials again and again? What are the courtroom costs, what do the judges cost, the court reporters?

Yo, a$$holes, the city's infrastructure is crumbling and you're chasing one poor dog and its owner. That's sensible. If you're on serious drugs, that is.

Is the McGuinty government squandering our money by sending one of its highly-paid senior counsels to the trial as it has many times before, trying to prop up its bull$hit BSL?

This, by a government that turned Ontario into a welfare province.

This is what one can expect in Ontario and especially Toronto. People legislated into second-class citizenship because of the shape of their dogs, dogs dying because of their shape and not their behaviour, and the complete disregard of Toronto City Council and the McGuinty Liberals for fiscal responsibility.

Addendum: Caveat is on a roll. Read it here.

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