Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tabloid journalism lives!

I just read an article in the Toronto Sun about a dog attack and if it weren't for Peter Worthington's well-known, unjust and unfounded hatred for "pit bulls", the article would have me peeing my pants as I fall about laughing.

"bloodthirty" "savage" "appeared out of nowhere" "tried to Taser it three times but no effect". Hell, why not say it swaggered? Was it wearing gang colours?

Sheesh. This is junk food journalism. Whatever happened to the standards of journalism? Objectivity and factual reporting? This piece makes me think of the Worst Opening Line contest. So many holes in it, it resembles Swiss cheese.

The piece misses the point completely. This was a dog attack. The victims are the dogs, all of them. The responsible party? The attacking dog's owner, who had to know of his dog's aggression, had the dog offleash and apparently ran from the incident. So - irresponsible ownership (I'd say criminally irresponsible, but I think that belongs to the courts).

Did the Toronto Sun slaver over the bloodthirsty attack of one dog on a smaller dog in High Park, that killed the smaller dog?

Did the Toronto Sun froth about the savage dog that bit off a groomer's nose?

Does the Toronto Sun spin Peter Worthington's statements about his own dogs' propensity for fighting?

No. They weren't "pit bulls".
Do I know the dogs' breeds? Yes.
Does it matter? No.

Breed is irrelevant. Responsible dog ownership is all.
And a few courses in responsible journalism wouldn't hurt, either.

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