Saturday, June 13, 2009

Absolutely surreal at Toronto Humane

Tip o' the hat to One Bark At A Time....

Kate Hammer and the Globe and Mail have a story about sick cats at THS being hidden from OSPCA inspectors. Read it here.

The visual one gets from this is tragically funny. Sick animals being bandied about, shoved under desks and behind file cabiets, staff creeping about like thieves in the night. If this is true, this is not only an offence under the OSPCA Act, it's immoral, unethical and utterly reprehensible.

When is Canada Revenue Agency going to conduct a forensic audit of THS?

When are the McGuinty Liberals going to get off their duffs, put our money where their always-open-mouths are, and conduct an investigation for breaches of the Corporations Act?

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