Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Somebody stuff a cork in PETA and HSUS

Sports Illustrated has done a terrific article on the Vick-tory dogs, h/t to Caveat and KC Dog Blog. Go to those blogs for links to the BadRap site and the SI article online. Must admit, the article and photos made me cry.


Will somebody duct tape Peta and HSUS shut? Organizations that call for the death of animals don't exactly strike me as animal-friendly. I've ranted about both of these uncharitable organizatios before, anyone who donates is utterly uninformed (aka moron - ignorance is curable, stupidity is not).

PETA killed 97% of the animals in its care last year. Its so-called leader admitted to George Strombopoulos of the CBC to eating meat and taking medical treatments tested on animals, watch it here.

PETA and HSUS should not be consulted on any animal welfare issues. They are NOT animal welfare organizations. They are well-funded, well-marketed lobby groups with hidden agendas, and should be stripped of their charitable status.

Any "journalist" who consults PETA or HSUS isn't worthy of the label.

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