Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is it April 1st?

Six months have passed, so it's time for yet another McGuinty cabinet shuffle. This man changes ministers like other people change socks.

The sycophantic articles about Michael Bryant in the Toronto (aka "Liberal Red") Star kinda sorta make me want to puke. Bryant and McGuinty legislated law-abiding people into second-class citizenship and killed thousands of dogs, and we're supposed to go "Huzzah"? While Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Bryant posted YouTube videos about Caledonia that sent people into gales of laughter. I still want to know if Tim Horton's paid a product placement fee for the prominent position of its signs in a government propaganda piece filmed in a Timmy's parking lot. Too bad it wasn't filmed in the drive-through; you just don't get between Canadians and their Timmy's, Bryant would have been squashed flat like the roadrunner in Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Considering Bryant's US-centric mentality, I'm concerned about what Ontario will give away to the States with Bryant and Pupatello supposedly riding herd on the economy. Too bad he didn't take the Bay Street offer, I'd have been delighted to see his back as he left the Legislature.

McSquinty's Fibs are still fiddling while Ontario burns, and the health care system sucks big time despite the billions of dollars hoovered out of taxpayers for the health care "premium". I spent some time in a big-city hospital yesterday with someone who is quite ill....arrived at about 2:30 a.m., was stuck in a hallway, didn't see a doctor until about 5 a.m. (with paramedics stuck with us for hours since they can't leave until the patient is admitted, another waste of resources), stuck in Emerg waiting for a bed until 5 p.m.

God save you in hospital if you don't have a representative with you to help plead your case and navigate the system.

This, folks, is the third-world health care your tax dollars give you. It's not the fault of the doctors or nurses, it's an uninformed and indifferent McSquinty Liberal government's inattention to the provincial health care system that will cause you to die.

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Caveat said...

Jim Coyle's column was a laugh-and-a-half.

Bryant's back, eh Jim?


The pipsqueak is a constitutional lawyer, not an economist, so the farther he gets from the law - first turfed from the Attorney General's mandate, then booted from Aboriginal Affairs, the farther down the slide he goes.

The Star can spin it all they like, but our friend Bryant just got another demotion - to a non-Ministry that has no connection with legal or constitutional matters.

Hell, even Transportation would have more cachet than Economic Devt. And the most hilarious part of all is that he gets to work with Pupatello! LOL!

Schadenfreude, sweet schadenfreude...