Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Court case update

Watch Caveat over the next day or two for first-hand info on how the Court of Appeal challenge of Ontario's unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy "pit bull" ban went...might be more info on Wag The Dog and Chicobandido, too.

Ignore the media reports on the case, those people still can't get the point. Duh.

And if you believe in Charter rights for all Canadians, donate to Banned Aid.

Good stuff, as always, on KC Dog Blog, including a dissection of the latest hate blog.

Good piece on Nathan Winograd's blog about how H$U$ dollars went to help a shelter kill animals (to me, misusing donated monies) and the H$U$ foul attempt to capitalize on another rescue's efforts. Read it here. What is this, H$U$'s attempt to avoid being compared with PETA? PETA kills animals outright, H$U$ just helps others do it. Same result, a$$holes.

And to the guy in B.C. who shot a young cancer patient's tiny puppy...there's no friggin' way on earth you can "accidentally" shoot a tiny puppy in the head. Let's hope the next time this monster fires his gun, the damm thing backfires and blows off his hand. No point in blowing off his head, it's obviously empty.

IMHO, there's no hell hot enough for some people.

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