Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hooray for Mississauga!

Mississauga City Council voted unanimously to allow Rambo's owner to visit him....hooray and thank you, Mississauga City Council! That is truly humane and compassionate. Read about it here.

If Councllor Carolyn Parrish can succeed in establishing a City of Mississauga policy allowing caring dog owners to visit their incarcerated pets, that would be truly innovative and forward-thinking on the part of the City. Mississauga would be showing its compassion for owners and their beloved pets, it would be a big step forward in animal welfare and set a standard for other citites to emulate.

Set the bar high, Mississauga!

Let's see if Brantford is still trying to crawl under the bar, like the worms they are....trying to kill an elderly, unoffending, beloved family dog just because of its shape....

1 comment:

Mac`s Gang said...

Good for them.
Owners of Mutts who decide to stand up to Tyrant McGuinty and his band of Merry Thugs will be able to visit their dogs while they battle the Evil Empire in Court.
It`s time to designate Mutts "substantially similar" BEFORE you arrest them and lock them up,Mr Premier.