Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good stuff, and stomach-turning stuff

KC Dog Blog has a good weekly roundup, be sure to click through to Greg Page's good article (link at the bottom of the KC Dog Blog link). Check out KC's information on Eudora, KS, the city so nice they banned dogs twice. Is oxygen in short supply there, or just literacy? We already know that common sense and information are absent in Eudora.

Pet Connection has the goods on a South Carolina State Senator and his indefensible actions in adopting three dogs, failing to sterilize them (as required by state law), giving away two, keeping the third sexually intact in an inadequate enclosure from which she kept escaping, then dumping the by-then pregnant bitch at a high-kill shelter.

I think Kent Williams (no honorific for him in my books) should be dumped by the side of the road, stripped of his elected position and charged under every applicable state law and possibly sued under civil law. Plus, bill him for the animal control officer's trip to pick up the dog. Animal control officers are not free taxi services for the stupid. That still wouldn't compensate the dog for Williams' treatment of her. He was beyond irresponsible.

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Anonymous said...

Do we somehow expect better behavior on the part of a senator and adminstrator who is supposed to be in charge of things? Chalk another one up to human stupidity and obfuscation. Your blog post was far too kind to the senator.