Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rosie DiManno has her head on straight

Ms. DiManno has written a column stating that Munchie should be released, and I agree. Read her column here.

Scuttlebutt has it that Munchie's purported "aggression" is a result of mishandling of the dog by Toronto Animal Services. It wouldn't be the first time that a dog incarcerated in a municipal (read - taxpayer funded) shelter is ruined or even dies because of mishandling; the U.K. has too many horror stories about that.

But what about all the other dogs on death row? Rambo in Mississauga comes to mind...that pup did nothing more than get out of his back yard and go for a stroll. If Rambo were any other shape, he'd be safe at home now instead of on death row for no reason.

What about all the dogs this unfounded and unjust Ontario Liberal law have already killed, for no reason? Ginger and Copper come to mind.

What about the dogs that Fibs have ignored? The one that killed a Pom in High Park? The one that bit off a groomer's nose? Bet they're safe at home, because they're a politically correct shape.

The Ontario Liberals have the blood of innocents on their hands due to their political machinations (also known as baffling with bullsh*t). All those dead dogs and brokenhearted dog owners, just for Liberal ambition and ego, to try to bolster their sagging public approval rating, ignoring the true canine experts and the facts.

Clean up your act, McSquinty. Let the dogs go home.


Fayclis said...

Rose did a decent job but like so many journalists today didn't dig that inch deeper.

There was an assessment done on Munchie which, unknown to Rosie, the Toronto Star has. IF they also dug a little deeper.. a Video was also done with the assessment.

I find it ironic that while animal control say Munchie, IS the most aggressive Pit Bull they have seen (my VET says he has NEVER even seen ONE)pictures of the dog getting along with another dog and kids exist and are on the facebook page "Save Munchie".

I also wonder what the court did with all the letter's, from other people in Munchie's building, saying what a friendly dog he was and that he got along well with other dogs and kids? Ah, but I believe the owner still has copies of THEM.

How is it that anyone can visit a criminal in Jail but it seems no-one ,including the press, can verify and check up on a little pittie in a animal control cage?

Caveat said...

The column was OK, not great.

The best part was the statement about how stupid the idea was in the first place.

Whether Munchie is aggressive or not is really a separate issue. It has nothing to do with whether or not he is a 'pit bull', whatever that is.

I think AC is trying to shore up their case by implying that he must be a 'pit bull' because he's giving them a hard time.

Speaking of hard time, that's what Munchie has been doing for four months now, according to the witness's own affidavit.

Dogs don't understand what's happening. They go from hanging out in the house, relaxing on the couch, etc, to the pound. He's in isolation and they're using a catch-pole when they take him out of his cage. He hasn't been outside, he can't have visitors.

He must be so scared and unhappy. I feel sorry for this dog, and I'm not the emotional type - no time for that - but I imagine one of my little guys being in this boat and it makes me very sad indeed.

They are helpless, innocent animals and they are being used as pawns by evil, callous people with a plan geared towards death.

Makes me sick. We must get this law struck down - we have no choice but to fight for what's right and decent.

And, if he's a 'pit bull', then there are a lot more around than I suspected.

Mac`s Gang said...

I worked at a Humane Society years ago and I saw nice non-aggressive dogs dumped by owners for many reasons(allergies,moving,too big,too little,wrong color,hair on the carpet etc).
Most of those dogs became "aggressive" while in care.
It`s a crazy environment no matter how good the workers are with them.
Barking,meowing,strange new people all the time,kids poking at them.
The "aggressive" ones that came in and were put in isolation to determine if they were adoptable got even worse.

Take your dogs in for your designation.
Let`s flood them with requests.
Lets shut down that part of the plan and we`ll work on the 3 Pure Breeds in court.