Thursday, February 21, 2008

Huckleberry's owner could be a donor?

You may have followed the story of Huckleberry, a Toronto labrador retriever-type dog that disappeared from outside a bistro while his walker had breakfast. Bert Clark, the dog's owner, was so distraught that he offered a $15K reward for Huckleberry's return. Well, surprise, Huckleberry was returned to his owner and the returnor (is that a word?) took two-thirds of the reward money. New twist, the returnor and some other people have now been arrested in connection with the disappearance of the dog. And, Mr. Clark apparently got his $15K back.

If Mr. Clark deeply loves his Huckleberry and it sounds like he does, he should look at pictures of Munchie (see pictures of Munchie on Caveat, mixed in with pics of purebred Labs) and understand that his dog's fate might have been or may some day be the same as Munchie's...condemned to death solely because of his shape.

So, I think it would be a really grand and deeply fulfilling gesture if Mr. Clark, who apparently is sufficiently fortunate to have $15,000 to spend for love, would give all or at least a substantial part of it as a donation to Banned Aid and the Dog Legislation Council of Canada to help with the costs of the legal challenge of Ontario's unfounded and unjust breed-specific legislation.

This is not a charitable donation. No tax receipts. Fighting the provincial government for a cause people usually don't and can't understand doesn't make us popular. But we MUST do it.

Or someday there may be no dogs left to love.


Mac`s Gang said...

I suggest you send this entry as a letter to the editor of a Toronto paper,so that he`s aware of your suggestion which I think is a good idea.
Maybe he`ll consider it.
I think Lab type dogs are in for a rough ride.

Fran Coughlin said...

I would try and look up "Huck's" owner and make that suggestion as I am sure like so many other dog owner's before thought, WELL MY DOG IS SAFE. I believe the owner ended up paying nothing. Just the threat of a big wheeler putting out the money got him the publicity he needed to get HIS dog back.

Nice to see ONE recent story that hasn't ended up with a DOG going to jail with a potential death sentence.

Social Mange said...

Thanks, Mac's Gang, for the suggestion, it is a good one and I'm trying it. Let's see if we get anywhere.