Saturday, January 12, 2008

You know you're getting old when....

...your latest purchase, and you're over the moon about it, is a new design of cat litter box. Not a pair of stiletto pumps. Which you can't wear anyway because of arthritic feet. don't make it to midnight on New Year's Eve. Which you spend at home. want pizza but have salad. Without dressing.
...the idea of going on a date is just too tiring to bother.'re clipping cents-off coupons for incontinence products. And using them.
...a friend in the 60 year range dies, and you're saddened because they died so young.

In the moment. Best to live in the moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, be in today and enjoy your life. It's finite.

Addendum: For those who asked about the litter box, I got it at Ren's Pet Depot in Oakville, ON. It's what I would call a one-cat box, I'd get one per cat. There's a catch tray under the grid where litter will fall if the cat walks out (unfortunately, mine all jump out), and a scoop stored in the catch tray. The cats still track litter out despite the little grid walkway in the front (hence my acquisition of a Dustbuster Kone hand vaccuum as well), but the swing-up door makes cleaning a breeze. I'm really tired of litter boxes where the lid must be removed for proper cleaning, especially with multiple boxes, the front hinged lid is an excellent idea.

Here's the picture from the Ren's online catalogue, it's the IRIS Litter Box SN-530 Swing Door & Mat, code 9301322.

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Mac`s Gang said...

Tell me more about this purchase....I have 3 cats.
I am interested in details.