Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to our irregularly scheduled programming...

Zak George has put wonderful videos on YouTube, see it here. Please subscribe to Zak's site, he's donating all money earned from his share of the YouTube partner program to promote the cause of animal rescue.

Check out the update on Barking Mad from Bandit, the latest Ontario "banned breed" dog that was scheduled to die, but is now going to WA state to see if he has what it takes to become a Law Dog. Neville is another "banned breed" dog destined to die in Ontario, who was shipped out and is now a Law Dog in WA State. Please support LawDogs so they can continue their fabulous programs.

Please contribute to the Legal Challenge Fund so that Banned Aid can continue its efforts to restore Charter rights to all dog owners.

1 comment:

Mac`s Gang said...

Where are all the comments from the Ontario Fiberals congratulating Bandit??

Oh that`s right.They`re still on Christmas holidays.
I`ll check back nest month.
When exactly does Xmas end for them?
Our Ontario tax dollars hard at work!
Does anyone regret voting for them yet?
Or worse,sitting on your lazy butts and NOT VOTING!