Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recession not the only effect of the sub-prime mortgage collapse

When people lose their homes, their pets do too.

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So where are PETA and HSUS, with their millions and millions of dollars, when this is happening? When people who have lost their homes are forced to give up beloved pets?

Nowhere. That's where.
Hypocritical do-nothing political lobbying pond scum. They're as charitable as dirt.
And should lose their charitable (read - tax-exempt) status.


Caveat said...

Seriously, would you want either H$U$ or Peta within a mile of your pets?

Beth said...

Comment on Caveat's post:

"No...I wouldn't - just their money." :) :)

Social Mange said...

*ROTFL* Exactly my sentiments..I don't want them anywhere near an animal, just let 'em write big fat cheques.