Thursday, January 31, 2008

BSL doesn't affect just dog owners.... evidenced by this story from an animal warden in the U.K. published in K9 Magazine.
Read it here.

An update on Rambo in Mississauga, published in the Mississauga News it here.

Side note...scuttlebutt has it that responsible dog owners in London, ON are being harassed by animal control appearing on their doorsteps, demanding paperwork. These are the responsible dog owners who licensed their dogs, as required by the city...which is how the city knows where to find them to harass them. YO. MORONS. Why are you harassing responsible dog owners?

That's what happens when elected officials are allowed to make law abiding people into second-class citizens. If you don't stand up and yell when politicians abrogate someone else's rights for absolutely no reason, don't be trying to cry on my shoulder when they gnaw on yours.


Mac`s Gang said...

I`m going to suggest that London dog owners turn the tables and start demanding paperwork from the Municipality.

My municipality is a tad stumped.

Just exactly who has the legal authority to designate your dog and what exactly does "SS" mean?

Let`s see some paperwork from the other side.

Caveat said...

London is Deep Fib territory. They've been on a mission there for awhile.

That's why the Freep is such a dog-hating rag - Fib to the bone.

They have bikers, drugs, you name it - we used to call London Sin City - and I'm from Toronto.

Busted a few dogfighting rings there over the years too.

I always figure any city that bans dogs has a dogfighting/drug/biker problem.

But hey, it's much easier to pick on the (mostly female) dog owners who follow the rules, isn't it?

I like Mac's idea. It could catch on, big-time.

Social Mange said...
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Social Mange said...

It's interesting how the people targeted and hurt by this piece-of-crap law are mostly female.

Leads me to believe even more that Dalton has a real problem with women.

Mac`s Gang said...

[quote]Leads me to believe even more that Dalton has a real problem with women.[/quote]

That and maybe he`s also afraid a male might just clean his clock!

Anonymous said...

i like Mac's comment too . . .

and yes, AC is showing up at 8pm on a weekday night, not able to spell weimeranaer or even know what one is (must have left breeds for dummies at home) . . .

the state of the city is such that you may not register a new dog without bringing said dog TO Animal Control for the crack team to give their opinion on or, they come to your house to verify said dog before you may obtain said license.

Scary stuff.

Social Mange said...

Velkommen to Ontario.