Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One thing I'm very grateful for... the right to freedom of speech. As evidenced by this blog, and by this Washington Post newspaper article that touches on both censorship and government restriction of dog owners' rights.

In battling the Beijing government's restriction of the height of one's dog (as ridiculous and unfounded as restricting the shape of one's dog) Mr. Chen Yuhua is fighting the same type of nonsensical, unfounded prejudice that promotes breed-specific legislation. Mr. Yuhua is fighting two big battles, both against unfounded government restriction; one on one's property, the other on one's right to freedom of speech.

We take our rights too much for granted. We must fight to keep them; the McGuinty Liberals have proven that they want to whittle away the rights of law-abiding citizens. Beware, lest we wind up living in a totalitarian state where our thoughts and dreams are prescribed and proscribed by the government.

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Mac`s Gang said...

I fear that it may have to get to this point before the 50% of non-voters wake up!

I`ve had a couple of visitors to my blog from China and before I could blink, their trail disappeared.
I hope it was just their trail.
Wake up Ontario citizens.