Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best whooping laugh I've had in a long time

I must thank the Toronto Star, its articles about Ontario Liberals always give me a howling good laugh.

A recent Star article described the new Ontario Liberal Attorney General, Chris Bentley, as an advocate for constitutional rights - in one case, for a drunk driver who killed two people. Mr. Bentley is described as considering this drunk driver a "victim of state oppression".

How then does Mr. Bentley explain why he voted to make law-abiding people into second-class citizens, restricting their constitutional rights to mobility and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and supporting the Liberal viewpoint that people can be legislated into second-class citizenship based on the property they own?

So am I to take from this that Mr. Bentley believes that a drunk who kills people is more entitled to constitutional rights than law-abiding people who own dogs of a certain shape?

Can't wait to hear the answer to that one.


Mac`s Gang said...

[quote]a man whose constitutional rights perished when police tricked him into providing a breath sample.[/quote]


Don`t be TRICKED by police or Animal control into answering questions about your dog whether on the street,on your property or at your door.

If it isn`t a registered purebred dog,it`s a Canis Familiaris and that`s ALL you know.

Let`s remind Chris of his beginnings.
Funny how they can just switch sides eh?

Caveat said...

Actually, all dog owners have fewer constitutional rights than non-dog owners.

Warrantless entry, search and seizure without due process, reverse onus.

It ain't just 'pit bull' owners - I wish more people realized that.

Bentley is a noodnik and a McGuilty yes-man.

Mac`s Gang said...

Unfortunately,I don`t think most dog owners are going to realize that until they`re on "the list".

I think the best thing that could happen right now to wake people up is for(at least) 6 or 7 breeds(types) to be added to that list.

Most people do think that this is just about "Pit Bulls" and most that I talk to think it`s just about a muzzle.

This isn`t even a dog issue and they certainly don`t get that.

So Dalton,keep stripping away our rights,until we have another "Dudley George moment".
There are more of us willing to give our lives.
Push me and I will push back!
I do get it!