Friday, October 26, 2007

What the h*ll is a "pit bull", anyway?

If you've been paying attention, you know there's no such breed as "pit bull".

But that doesn't stop intrepid media sources. The St. Catharines Standard reported a dog bite incident by a "pit bull/Labrador cross". Of course, the headline read "Pit bull quarantined after attack". Now today, the dog has undergone media mutation and turned into a full-fledged "pit bull".

Newspaper sales must be really slow in St. Cats.


Mac`s Gang said...

I`ve been asking people NOT to buy newspapers that scream "Pitbull" attack and if they buy a paper and find a story inside,that they either return the paper to the store(swallow the loss) and call the newspaper or cancel your subscription.
They are such a huge part of the problem in my opinion.
I can`t believe that people really believe what they read but apparently they do.
Money talks!

Caveat said...

I suspect that Derek isn't there anymore, he was a good, fair editor.

As for boycotts, they are useless. They don't make money from print sales they make it from advertising revenue.

So, every time we reward them with hits on their sites, they can boost their rates and make more money.

If they cared about the readership they'd at least try to report actual facts and use reputable research sources.