Monday, October 22, 2007

Enough boo-hooing from the irresponsible, already

First we have DeGeneres attempting to manipulate public opinion and corner a rescue, just to get her way.
Now we have a family that allowed their dogs to roam the countryside, apparently not for the first time, and are boo-hoo'ing because a farmer shot the dogs.


In both instances, the dog owners were irresponsible. The dogs bear the consequences of the owners' behaviour, regardless of breed.

Think about this.

Would DeGeneres get any air time from the network if Iggy were a "pit bull" puppy?

Would we see that family's story presented so sympathetically if the roaming dogs were "pit bulls"?

Do fluffy dogs make for fluffy-brained owners? *grin*

An interesting sidelight....I have noticed an upswing in the number of media reports of Labrador retriever attacks. Is the Lab a candidate to supplant the "pit bull" in the bite-attack-ban sweepstakes? If so, then the Golden retriever won't be far behind, since that "loveable family pet" is one of the worst biters.

An anecdote...I thought about getting a golden retriever but was warned off the breed by an experienced veterinarian. She had seen the breed's temperament deteriorate due to careless and backyard breeding, a result of yuppie demand for the big fluffy dog. That was fifteen years ago. Wonder how bad the temperament of an average Golden is now?

I can't wait to see the Lab and Golden owners sh*tting themselves when the gun of breed-specific legislation is aimed at them. Particularly since they were so arrogant and self-righteous, full of "my dog wouldn't do that".

My dog wouldn't do that, my as*. If it has teeth, it can bite. Put two or more dogs together on the loose and you have an unpredictable dog pack. Breed is irrelevant. All that counts is the behaviour of the owner. A responsible dog owner trains, controls and socializes the dog, and keeps or takes the dog out of situations where the dog might bite.

A dog bite is always the responsibility of the HUMAN owner. It has nothing to do with the shape of the dog and everything to do with the level of responsibility displayed by the HUMAN owner.

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Mac`s Gang said...

I`m also sick of the whining of some of these owners of fluffy, "pretty" dogs.

I`d love to see a breakdown of which dog owners are contributing to the Ontario Legal challenge.
I know there are people fighting this, that don`t even own dogs or own small dogs or large breeds, but I believe they are probably in the minority.

All dogs would love to run free.My Fib-bull/Lab would love to roam.It`s irresponsible,not only for the dogs safety but it shows a lack of respect for neighbors.
I`ve lived in the country most of my life.
Farmers shoot dogs!In my municipality,it`s right in the bylaw.They are allowed to shoot dogs that go on their property.

As far as caring that they were Goldens.Farmers could care diddley squat about the breed.I`ve see a number of Golden Retrievers on manure piles along with other breeds and mixes over the years.That`s right folks.They will shoot them and throw them on the pile.

Unfamiliar dogs stress out livestock,chase deer,cause other problems and farmers will shoot your family pet!
They don`t have time to track you down and ask you to come and pick up Rover for the 10th time.
It`s NOT the dog`s fault.It`s YOUR fault but your family pet will pay the price in the country.I`ve seen it, many,many times.

Give me a "Pit" over a Golden,any time.I considered taking in a rescued Golden that had been returned for snapping at children in a home that provided daycare.I changed my mind when it went after my "Pit" who was just standing beside me wagging his tail.My "Pit" didn`t react.
That Golden was placed in a home with a small child!

BTW,I`ve never seen one of the 3 purebred banned dogs on a manure pile and I`ve never seen a dog that would be described as a "Pitbull" (by the public )on a manure pile.Maybe most of them are in the hands of responsible owners.They don`t get shot by farmers,they just get killed by Gov`t because of their "grin".
Wake up Golden Retriever owners and owners of other breeds!