Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fool me once....

For those dolts in Ontario who voted back the McGuinty Lie-berals, check out Linda Leatherdale's column in the Toronto Sun, read it here.

A snip from the article...

"Linda, rumour is high in the finance department at Queen's Park that after the federal budget reduces the GST by 1% and cuts personal taxes, the Liberals will introduce a 2% PST increase, with 1% for the municipalities and 1% for public transit," states an e-mail from a reader who will remain anonymous."

Dalton's lips moved and what came out was, "no more new taxes". Ya, right. Whoever believed that is a naive, guillible fool.

Now to see exactly what new taxes Miller's spendthrift council slaps on 416-ers.

People won't have pockets left to pick.

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