Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nice bodyslam to HSUS

Read it here....

I personally am disgusted by an organization that collects millions and millions of dollars on the pretence that the money is for animals, but does not run one single animal shelter and pays its chief mouthpiece a six-figure salary.

I'm glad to see that HSUS's Katrina fund-sucking is being investigated. I remember one small charity that went to Katrin and actually rescued animals, being asked by HSUS for a boat so Wayne Pacelle or someone could showboat for the media. HSUS showed up with no supplies, no boats, no nothing.

Peta is being investigated by the DEA for use of restricted drugs. To kill animals and throw their bodies into dumpsters.

HSUS and Peta are, IMHO, political lobby groups that should not have tax-deductible status. I'd rather they disappeared.


Selma said...

Apparently, someone did a little sleuthing and the State of Virginia said that HSUS had nothing to do with the Vick bust. It was police work, plain and simple.

I note on the revised cash grab page they've removed the statement that they were involved in the investigation. I'm glad CCF published both versions.

Scammers of the first order.

Anonymous said...

Wayne doesn't like getting caught by CCF - this is on his blog.