Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cartoonists take on Michael Vick

Gotta love these cartoons, see them here.

I have several faves, what are yours?


Mac and the rest of the gang said...

They are just all so heartwarming,it really is hard to pick,but we`re going with

"If it`s good enough for dogs!"

and our #2 pick would be "Where`s the score of last night`s game"

and #3 would be "Canine Horror Stories"

and #4 "I wish Joey would find a better role model than Vick"

and #5 ....

I guess we should stop.

Could we just stone the ba**** to death?

Can we say that here?

If not,we apologize.

Selma said...

Of course I like the Wiener dog with the 'Sick 7' shirt

Also the Siamese fighting fish..

The others are too sad...