Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekly roundup, ramble and venom

Another good weekly roundup at KC Dog Blog...scroll down the page for a picture of the loveliest dog, killed by Kansas City Animal Control solely because of the way it looked.

KC Dog Blog is asking where the ACLU is on this issue...same place as the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Which is nowhere. I approached the CCLA several times when the Ontario Lie-berals first issued Bill 132, and they were about as useful as a teat on a log. They chose not to see the obvious constitutional issues and had nothing to say about law-abiding dog owners being legislated into second-class citizenship. I have no respect for and a very low opinion of both organizations. Bite me, CCLA...and I have another interpretation of that acronym.

I see MPPs, mostly female MPPs, are fleeing the Legislature, read about it here and here. They're a bit slow...all women should flee the province until McGuinty and his minions are out of power - October, 2007. When the Premier of the province wants to entrench religious laws in provincial legislation, laws that work against women, it's time to boogie on out. Obviously McGuinty skipped the class on the separation of church and state as a fundamental tenet of democracy.

So, is Mikey Bryant going to crush the BMW of the 61-year old driver who sped on the shoulder, managed to topple a gravel truck and tie up the 427 for hours? Read about it here. Where's Mikey now? Sudden case of laryngitis?

Hat tip to Caveat...cast your vote on whether McSquinty is doing a good job as premier.

Give me a while to think and I'll offend some other people. Or give me some ideas.


Anonymous said...

Love that KC Dog Blog! I've never read his blog before, but I'm going to bookmark it. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Pray for the little dog in the picture on KC Dog Blog that was confiscated in Kansas City, Kansas. He will be put down Tuesday, July 17th, if the owner can't find the ransom money, about $200 and a friend or family member with proper credentials in a city without a pit bull ban, to pull him.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Keep up the froth and venom, it rocks!