Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Interesting article....

....on the blog It's Nelly's World, read it here. Although the Akita people are going to freak.

But it won't be as interesting as the Auditor General's report on the committee grants slush fund, hehehe.


Selma said...

Interesting blog, I've added it to my sidebar.

I couldn't see anything about Akitas, though.

If you want to link to a specific article, try clicking on the title to get the dedicated link.

If that doesn't work, you can sometimes get a link through the time posted, etc. Fish around to find the right code.

Somebody told me that at the beginning, think it was Steve, so I'm passing it on.

JM and the gang said...

Here`s the link to the article

and the reference to Akita`s

[quote] The only time she allowed any righteous anger to boil over was in talking about breeders who allow or encourage the reproduction of spooky, fearful, or aloof traits, the kind of thing that's described as a breed characteristic, as in, say, "cautious" or "not easily socialized to strangers." Think Akitas, for instance. [/quote]

Selma said...

Thanks for the link.

To be blunt, Donaldson makes me gag. She's like a living Hallmark card but less insightful.

She was better before she thought she knew it all.