Friday, May 25, 2007

Will Remedy hearing be on the 'net?

According to the Toronto Sun, "Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant says some court proceedings will soon be webcast and archived online for 90 days. Bryant says webcasting court cases and providing copies to the media on DVD will increase the openness of the justice system."

Now, will the remedy hearing on June 28th be on the 'net? Hope so, and hope I can get a DVD of it. From what I've been told about the hearings way back when, the government's case was as flimsy as wet tissue and counsel for the legal challenge knew things about the government's witnesses that the government didn't know. Embarrassing for the government, no?

Yup, yup, yup, sign me up for a DVD of the remedy hearings. Just like the tape where Bryant couldn't identify an American Pit Bull Terrier in a series of photos of purebred dogs, this one will be a keeper.

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Mac said...

I don`t own a DVD player yet but this would make me run out and get one!