Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ontario's A-G wins award for making public information almost impossible to get

Read all about it....wish I could go to the "town hall" portion of the meeting and ask why the A-G's office sent out that BS letter refusing to provide the costs of passing Bill 132 (read about that on chico bandido). "Privacy" my bee-hind. If you aggregate the numbers of the fees and costs paid to individuals, there's no privacy concern. "Solicitor-client privilege"? As a taxpayer who's footing the bill, I'm not entitled to know how much money the government wasted?

Seems to me like the McGuinty government is determined to hide the truth from taxpayers, and not just about Bill 132. And that's a frightening thought.

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Angus and Dewar said...
I think we pegged this guy right.Maybe you should all go to your Vets and get some of the hairball goop that we have to take.