Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to the Coliseum

Every time I read about or hear of animal cruelty, I think of the Roman Coliseum where animals were destroyed, possibly entire species exterminated, for the entertainment of the idiot masses.
Stories like this ESPN one on Michael Vick make me think that humans haven't progressed that far from running naked and catching our food with our hands. We're still barbaric at the core. Read it here.
As supposedly intelligent beings, we should progress beyond using animals fighting to the death for "entertainment".
Some people are low lifes and always will be, though. It's all about the great god money and the small minds of the men involved...and 99.9% of the involvement is male. If it were up to me, these morons would be neutered, then thrown into a pit to fight to the death. No loss. They add nothing to the global gene pool nor the world.

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