Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vancouver - Time to call your lawyer

This very poor editorial in the Vancouver Sun contains (along with one or two good points and a lot of abuse of statistics, regurgitation of media hysteria, and unfounded pronouncements based on the writer's personal biases) what I interpret as a suggestion that people physically attack dog owners.

I suggest that any person who is injured in a moronic vigilante attack while responsibly walking their dog, sue Marilyn Baker and the Vancouver Sun for promoting violence against dog owners.
Pass the word in Van.

And call your lawyer now.


Brent said...

Wow. On the 2nd page she says it is reported that 37 US States have at least a partial ban on the breed. A bit leading. We have 14 states that have laws in place that PREVENT cities from enacting breed specific legislation. However, a couple of states have cities that are grandfathered in with BSL. So assuming that at least one city in each of the 36 states that doesn't OUTLAW BSL has it, then I suppose that's a partial ban. But it's far from on a state-wide basis....there isn't a single, state-wide BSL in this country. I love twisted stats...

JM said...

There`s certainly some interesting language being used out there.
Not quite a threat on the homefront but this comment from a city property assessor person yesterday(who drove onto my property without permission."If he stays out of my face,I`ll stay out of his"
Mac was laying on the grass on his own property,tail wagging,didn`t bark and barely looked up.It sounded a bit like a mini-threat against my dog.Not a good idea,when you`re on my property!

Selma said...

Marilyn Baker needs to get her meds checked.

She is typical - a bitter, shrill person who is unable to address problems on her own. She thinks it's reasonable to 'ban dogs from public places' because a few people are not competent dog owners. She even states that most owners are great.

It's unimaginative, unintelligent, uninformed, self-absorbed subjective thinkers like this who should be banned from public places.

And from editorial pages, no matter how yellow the rag that ran this tripe.