Monday, May 14, 2007

Like a bad meal, Peta's baaaack.....

Exactly how many staff writers does Peta have? I guess $29 million buys quite a few scribes. $29 million doesn't seem to buy an animal shelter, though, because Peta doesn't have one. I've seen some reports that Peta has one heck of a big freezer and a crematorium, though.

Peta has been tub-thumping its agenda of "banning breeding" in several publications lately. The sudden flurry of Peta quotes makes me think of cockroaches coming out of the walls after dark. Think this through, boys and girls...what happens when not a single animal is allowed to breed? In one generation, a species is eradicated. And that is Peta's goal - to eliminate pet ownership. It uses the tools of mandatory spay/neuter and breed-specific legislation for its own purpose, to advance its mandate of eliminating domestic animals.

One Petaphile claims to have been "rescuing" pit bulls. Gee, I wonder if those dogs were "rescued" just like the adoptable animals - dogs, puppies, cats and kittens - killed by Peta employees and thrown into dumpsters.

If anyone gives a single cent to Peta or gives it any public support, that person is working towards Peta's hidden agenda of eradicating domestic animals.

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